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Memorial "The Interrupted Song"


Atrodas starp Liepu un A.Paulāna ielu Preiļos

Lat: 56.2892146, Lon: 26.7287884

Memorial ensemble for the Fallen soldiers of WW II "The Interrupted Song"

Installed in November 5, 1971, in memory of the fallen Soviet soldiers during the WWII. The architect of the memorial ensemble is Oļģerts Krauklis. The sculptor - Guna Zvaigznīte. The monument consists of a figural creation and a relief mural. The component of the ensemble is a figura of a woman, the material of the sculpture is copper, which is little used in monumental sculpture. The sculptor created a sitting woman, that, saddened by the fallen heroes, is leaned over a kokle (traditional Latvian instrument that resembles a lute). The 3,5 m high figure has a general character. In the concrete plate covered area, the figure is installed aside, as to not reach the travertine wall with a relief mural and memorial plaque. The contraposition of the composition is a metal plaque with the names of the fallen soldiers. In dark, the metal plaque creates a visual connection with the ground, but the travertine wall with a relief mural has a tendency to sort of rise above it. The wall itself is created from a different sized blocks, thus creating an ornament.






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