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Biological farm "Juri"


Biological farm "Juri"
Lubāni, Rušona Parish, Preiļi Municipality.

Phone: + 371 29182355


Lat: 56.1936192, Lon: 26.9471855

Home-made cheese tasting in Rušona Rural Territory.

Inform about your visit beforehand, via phone!

Biological farm "Juri" invites you to taste, see the making of and buy original Latgallian home-made cheese that is being praised even by Mārtiņš Rītiņš, executive chef and director of a renowned restaurant, "Vincents"!

Working hours: throughout the year, informing the owner about your visit beforehand. The farm offers: cheese tasting, camping, a wide variety of delicacies that can be bought, and getting to know domestic animals.

History of the place and origins of the produce: The origins of farm "Juri" can be traced back to 1930's, when the grandfather of the current owner, Juris Lubāns, built a house in this location and began creating his farm. The current owners - Juris and Lidija - used to live and work in the city, but soon understood that city life is not to their taste. In 1990's they moved back to Riebiņi municipality and began working in the farm. To live, it wasn't enough with traditional farming, so they took on cheese-making. As time went, their cheese was more and more complimented on by their relatives and neighbors, and now the makers of traditional Latgallian cheese have developed a circle of loyal clients. Due to large interest from tourists, the owners are currently remaking the farm for the needs of cheese dairy and to offer guest house services. They are actively working towards making the stay for the visitors a great experience.


More about the product and activities:

Farm "Juri" makes cheese from a biological milk that is being given by ten cows. They make the cheese with their own hands. When in the farm, the hospitable owners will tell you about the cheese making traditions. They will shed light on the recipes that come from not only masterful cheese makers, but recipes that come from cookbooks of 1940's Latvia, and recipes that they have created themselves. The owners will offer you tea or coffee that you'll drink from dishes that have been made by Latgallian potters, and, of course, will offer you to taste a large variety of cheeses. Firstly, the Midsummer cheese with cumin or greens (whichever you like best), then the soft Mozzarella and fresh Ricotta cheeses, that are being praised by cheese experts. The lovely atmosphere of the farm "Juri", the friendly and hospitable owners and farm delicacies - buttermilk, whey, curdled milk and homemade butter, that you can ask to try out, creates a lovely feeling of calmness that you'll want to enjoy again and again, not paying attention to the ticking clock.

Don't miss it out! When in Latgale, you must try out the original Latgallian cheese, that takes 2-3 days to make, and you need to try out other simple, handmade delicacies that are made by the owners.

Other activities

Here, like in every respectable farm, you can not only try out local delicacies and buy them, but enjoy the fresh air and together with the family cuddle domestic animals and take a look at their feedlot. If you get carried away by the scenery and atmosphere, don't worry - you can stay over in a tent! 

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